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Ritu's nest is a platform that offers English skill development courses for all age groups, from pre-school to high school. All courses are designed not only help children improve English, but also help improve their critical thinking and problem solving abilities.

About Me

I am passionate educator, who loves being around children. I help children become thinkers and problem solvers. Each step of learning is enjoyable for the children.


The workshops that are conducted are lessons based on gently guiding children to enjoy the process of learning. One such workshop is GEMS. It is a thematic workshop based on exploration. The children explore a topic, then hypothesise, next test and finally conclude their results. Another one is  'Book review' which helps children develop a love for reading though many literacy and analytical activities. Yet another one is 'Young Leadership Program' that helps children overcome their inhibition and learn how to be good leaders.

TEACHING is more than imparting knowledge, it’s inspiring change.
LEARNING is more than absorbing facts, it’s acquiring understanding.
— William Arthur Ward