Reading Ladder

 Highly structured course on phonics for kindergarten children as they embark on a joyful reading journey that is story based that culminates into fluent readers who would develop a lifelong love for reading.

Sight Words

Also called High Frequency Words, these words are important as they are used more often in reading than others. In fact they constitute 75%  of words used in beginning children's reading material. They aren't phonetically pronounced, but need to be read instantaneously. They help in building the three C's in early readers i.e. confidence, comprehension, and content. Hence, we focus on their learning through many different games, the above picture being, Dominos matching.

CVC Words

The understanding of how words are joined phonetically starts with simple Consonant-Vowel-Consonant (CVC) words. Then progress to blends and digraphs.Activities like the above help children gain confidence in reading, leading to fluent readers.

Reading Simple Sentences

As soon as children have got a grasp of some sight words and CVC words, it is nice to introduce them to reading sentences. Silly sentences like the ones in the picture add an element of fun.