Park Your Car - A Sight Word Game

The Game Board

What are sight words?

Sight word is a term used in early reading instruction, for a group of words that come very often while reading. mastering sight words helps learners to read fluently at an early age.

Learner navigating the car to it's parking space

Park your Car

The game uses a board that has parking spots. Make two identical decks of a predetermined number of sight words. Place one sight word in each of the parking spot. Each learner gets a car (Hot Wheels), picks a card from the deck, reads the sight word, identifies the location of the same sight word on the board, navigates the car to the parking spot. This reinforces sight words.

Happy to have reached the correct parking lot

Higher Order Thinking Skills(HOTS)

Through this game, not only does the learner master the sight words, but navigates the car through a maze(Helps in critical thinking) , and the mentor may engage the learners in asking them to tell the directions to the parking lot. Indeed a multifaceted fun and engaging game!